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Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Geek Divers is a management software for dive centers and dive resorts that helps you take care of everything in one platform. 
Small family-run dive centers or big operations of multiple locations with accommodation and watersport and everything in between:
Geek Divers can help you manage your business.

We got you covered!

Plan your activities

No more spreadsheets, please!
Geek Divers automatically updates all bills, payslips and commissions.
All you need to do is plan the activities in the user-friendly activity calendar.

Save yourself some headaches!

Manage your rooms

Geek Divers offers an accommodation module that is 100% integrated with your activities, quotes and bills. Manage your room rates per season, guest type and room type. Add your package prices and meal plans. Monitor your availability through the accommodation calendar and assess the situation just by looking at the colours of the reservations.
You’re in charge!

Booking a room has never been so easy!


Have you ever sent an offer that was then buried under hundreds more emails just a few weeks later? With Geek Divers you can monitor all your quotes, their colour-coded status, content and discounts. With an easy interface to create new quotes, modify them, monitor their status and cancel or archive the ones that are no longer needed, you don’t need to worry about finding that quote that you sent months ago and you only remember very little about.

Say goodbye to chaos!!

Fully automated bills

You don’t need to worry about writing bills anymore. Geek Divers automatically writes and updates your customers’ bills for you. The only thing you need to do is plan your activities.

Let Geek Divers take care of the rest!

Partner Price Lists

With Geek Divers you can set up price lists for your partners and travel agents.

Define the currency and apply discounts and sales tax.

It’s really that easy!


Geek Divers supports hundreds of different ways to automatically calculate the commissions for your staff. Just set up the logic and let Geek Divers update the payslips.

Save time and headaches before a pay day!

Cash Flow

You need to know how much money you’re making and how much you’re spending. With the cash flow features you have this information available in real time.

No matter where you are in the world, just log in to your account and check your numbers.

You don’t need to wait for a weekly report on your finances!

Our prices and plans

Monthly Fee

Your Geek Divers monthly fee is the price of 2 fun dives in your price list.*

Accomodation Module

€25 per month on top of your Geek Divers monthly fee*

10% discount for a 6-month advanced payment.**
20% discount for a 12-month advanced payment.**
What’s included?
  •  Technical support via email or WhatsApp – friendly geeks will answer your questions and help you out.
  •  Updated user guide and video tutorials – lots of explanations and examples for you to make the most of your Geek Divers account.
  •  Video calls (on demand) – in case you need any extra help.
  •  24/7 availability – Geek Divers is always available on any device (we recommend at least a 7″ screen) through a Google Chrome browser.
  •  Unlimited users – with your admin login you can create as many users as you need and define which pages they have access to.
  •  Regular updates – as soon as a new feature is available, you will find it in your account.
  •  Daily backups – every 24 hours your data is copied and saved on a separate secure server.
  •  GDPR compliance – the Geek Divers servers are located in the EU and protected with the most modern technology. Only you can choose who will access your data.

Terms & Conditions  apply. The above pricing is valid per location for invoices in Euros paid by direct transfers transactions only (the client needs to bear the costs of the transaction, if any). Payments through PayPal are subjected to a 6% transaction fee calculated on the final price. On request, invoices can be issued in USD, GBP or AUD and a 3% currency conversion fee will be applied to the final price. Do you own more than one dive center and you wish to manage them all within one account in Geek Divers? Please contact us at  for a personalised offer for your business.
**The discount is applied only to the Geek Divers monthly fee, excluding any additional module.

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Who are we ?

Our company was born in 2016 and it is based in Germany! 

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Francesca Rossin & Jörg Wiesmann

Francesca’s background is on software quality. After a degree in Computer Science and 10+ years of corporate work she was ready to be a business owner, as long as it involved diving and software quality! She became a dive instructor and combined her expertise of her previous and current life into Geek Divers.

Jörg has been a software developer for over 20 years. In 2016 he decided that he needed more travels and more diving in his life. He became a dive instructor, a business owner and the developer behind Geek Divers.

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Request a free user to access the Geek Divers Demo account

This is a fully functioning system that is set up with test data. You are very welcome to explore it and make any changes. Play with it and pretend that it’s the management system in your dive center. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. For this option, please give us a valid email address that we can use as username and the name or website of your dive center.

Request a new Geek Divers account for your dive center

Your new account comes with a free trial period and the support that you need to do the initial setup. The free trial is 1 month. In case you wish to start with your own Geek Divers account straight away, please give us the email address that you wish to use for the admin user, the name or website of your dive center and the currency of your price list.

We will reply from Please save this email address in your contacts or check your spam folder in the next couple of days to make sure that you receive our message.